Bonjour, Its been long…long time since my first post here and then I went underground, although I was writing on my marathi blog ( and EcoFinMark ( on Now I have decided to do more activities here as well. The last 4-5 years in Mumbai had been kind of graduation years for me, from just a wanderer, market focused analyst to a person who is now connecting all scattered dots from politics, entertainment, art to public policy, economic policy and how it affects us as an individual and society at large.

All this begun in early 2009 which when I got introduced to man called “Modi” from Gujarat and the noise of 2002, much cliched barbs hurled at him. This was just beginning when Modi might have started preparing for the big show in the general elections of 2014. Whatever the media, intellectuals and anybody from street, rag-picker to chaiwallah (couldn’t resist) everybody had opinion and advise for this man. During all this phase, I picked up so many new blogs, books, authors and exposed to Center-right concepts and approaches towards public policy emanating from this side to which I was completely unexposed and unaware. Partly because I never tried to read the other side as I was unaware and there is very big chunk of Indian youth who doesn’t know about this as the established, Center-left ecosystem never allowed the Indian youth, students that exposure through there clutches over academics, media, art and entertainment. The other reason is that, there is still significant rural population unable to understand what’s all this about.

So here I am, graduated from a real life school from just a commodity market analyst to curious person who now wants to learn, re-learn, understand the intersections of various subjects economics, psychology, history, science & technology to farming at my village, of course with modern methods. I will be sharing the articles on various subjects with little bit of my own perspective. The journey Begins and hopefully Rises.



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